iphone battery

  Brand batteries is getting more and more difficult to ship from China now. But we have always stock in our UK warehouse for Euro customers . iPhone 4G/S $3.3 iPhone 5G/s/c $3.4 iPhone 6G $3.5 iPhone 6 Plus $4.2

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e75 cable

  The hotting E75 iPhone cable , shows E75 on both computer and system . Best QUALITY present as full original and no getting complaints so more and more customers turn to buy it instead of full original which in pretty high price . But even E75 cable also have many different quality exist in

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We have an advantage in locating in the center of sourcing markets, convenient for the delivery men to pick and process items at fast speed. We cooperate directly with DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS as well as some economic postal transportation and in-depth experienced forwarders who know both China and international shipping polices well. If the product ordered is currently in stock, shipment will be made immediately upon receipt of payment; if we must pick up the product from the factory then shipment is typically within 48 working hours from receipt of payment.

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